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The properties and composition of the beverage chicory

Chicory - the most popular coffee substitute. Drink based on it is considered useful. But is it really? And how to prepare the drink from chicory at home?

drink from chicory benefits and harms

Both benefit and harm the drink from chicory inulin due to a high content
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1 tsp
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  • Preparation time: 20 minutes

How to prepare a drink from chicory at home

Wild chicory - a weed that grows along the roads and on vacant lots. In regions with temperate and subtropical plant found everywhere. In some countries it is grown specially. In cooking, use a fleshy root herb. In the sale of chicory supplied as a liquid concentrate or a soluble powder.

Popular drink recipes:

  • Classical. Teaspoon of powder boiled water. To taste add sugar or honey.
  • Spicy. The cup is placed chicory (1 tea. L.), Ground cloves (pinch) and a piece of fresh ginger. 150 ml of boiling water.
  • Lactic. Chicory and sugar (for 1 h. L.) Is poured boiling water (100 ml). The last added frothed milk (50 mL).
  • Orange. In classic drink instead of sugar placed orange syrup (1 hr. L.). Topped 0.5 h. L. apple juice.

Beverage powder can not only buy, but also to prepare yourself. Fresh roots of plants (5-6 pcs.) Clean and wash. Further in the sun or dried in the oven week or 5-6 hours at 100 degrees and the door ajar. Dried roots of finely cut, fried in a pan (no oil) until brown, crushed hand mill. Store in a dark ground chicory closed bank 6 months.

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Properties drink from chicory

The taste of roasted chicory roots are reminiscent of coffee, that's just the caffeine in the plant there. That is why the product recommended by the coffee with hypertension. Useful beverage chicory during pregnancy: it eliminates the feeling of heaviness in the stomach, heartburn, constipation, pressure surges. The roots of the plant a lot of tannins and minerals, amino acids, tocopherols, B vitamins and ascorbic acid. Thanks to these connections chicory as coffee, are energy, but operates more softly.

The beverage composition includes chicory inulin - prebiotic that is useful for the intestinal microflora. Regular use of extract of the plant leads to normalization of the digestive and metabolic processes. Inulin, being a complex carbohydrate, sugar is much better, so it is desirable to drink chicory drink in diabetes of the second type. It helps in the fight against obesity.

To drink is contraindicated? Since chicory - choleretic and diuretic, it can not be drunk in cholelithiasis. Doctors do not recommend to use the plant asthmatics during antibiotic therapy, after surgery, stroke and heart attack. Undesirable drink from chicory for children under 18 months.

So, chicory - a really useful product that has a minimum of contraindications. Drink based on it can be even and tasty, if a plant extract to add fruit syrups, honey, milk, and spices.

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