Convection oven and other newfangled tricks allow modern housewives do not worry about baking quality. But 20 years ago, which just did our mothers and grandmothers to make the oven work well. Underlay bricks placed a basin of water on the bottom, a baking rearranged from level to level. And all in order to get the products, evenly-baked on all sides. Therefore, the main issue of concern to buyers prior to purchase plate or oven, "How Bake Oven" In fact, I rarely slabs: 10 times, and then every 15 years. Therefore, one bad buy will be uncomfortable owner for many years. What determines the quality of the baking oven? Part of its construction, partially - the availability of additional functions, including convection.


  1. Electric Oven
  2. Gas oven
  3. What is convection?
  4. The advantages of convection
  5. The most useful programs
  6. Dual convection

Electric Oven

There is a generally accepted opinion that electric ovens bake the best gas. It really is. The reason is simple - the difference in structure. In gas models only one heat source - a burner located in the lower part of the chamber. And in at least two electrical, with one heater heats the top and the other from below, thereby ensuring even baking of the product. However, if such a cabinet to put just two cakes at different levels, they propekutsya differently. One more fry top, the other below, depending on which side is closer to TENu.

Gas oven

As I mentioned previously, in the gas cabinet has only one burner at the bottom, so to achieve a uniform distribution of heat difficult. The first attempt to reduce the heat loss, insulation and wrapping chamber reflective materials. Seal the gap between the chamber and the door, placing in the last 2-3 glasses.

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I'm sure many hostess noticed that on the edges of the trays to make holes. This is to ensure that the metal sheet is not prevented the passage of heat, and it is free to do upstairs. However, despite all these tricks is not always possible to achieve good baking. This can partly be explained by the peculiarities of cooking gas. In operation, combustion products are formed which must be removed. Therefore, a sealed chamber in the oven can not be in principle, and therefore, heat can not be avoided.

What is convection?

At the moment, manufacturers are trying to compensate for the shortcomings of the design by adding additional features, the most popular and effective of them - convection in the oven.

Under understand convection fan built into the back wall, which evenly distributes heat throughout the volume of the oven. When activated, the air is continuously circulated functions by aligning the temperature in all the corners.

The advantages of convection

  1. Preheat the oven faster.
  2. Since the temperature around the cabinet volume is the same, cakes baked through uniformly. Rearrange sheet backwards to edge of cake are equally flushed or changed levels during cooking, it is not necessary.
  3. Meals are prepared faster, less burn up.
  4. There is a possibility to cook on several levels at once. Perhaps this is one of the main advantages of the convector.

Indeed, how many times housewife faced with a situation where it is necessary to prepare both a garnish and meat? And when you have to bake a cake of several cakes? In the latter case, the cooking was delayed for several hours, first by becoming the first cake when it is baked through - a second, then a third and so on. The fact that at the same time to cook a few cakes at different levels, could only dream of. In an oven with convection can be expanded tests on several baking sheets, and it is at all propechetsya equally well.

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What else should choose a device with convection? Not everyone knows that the convection can be used to dry the berries and herbs. As is usually dried in ovens before? Laid out on a baking products, and include minimal heat, opened the door. To berries are not scorched, had them regularly mix and monitor the temperature. In the case of use in a convection oven everything becomes much easier. The fan blows fresh herbs and berries evenly, as a result they dry quickly and do not burn. Upper and lower heaters thus it is possible not to include - with the convector often coexists additional circular low power heating element that is included together with a fan.

The convection ovens are often combined with other heating methods. The more expensive the model, the more functions she has, the more combinations for cooking a variety of dishes can be in it.

The most useful programs

  • Normal convection. It is used for heating the plates for the holiday, training (raising) the dough before baking. Used for drying fruits, vegetables, sliced ​​fruits and vegetables. Also, it can be selected for baking products with a minimum of juicy roasting suitable for diet food. Convector useful if needed unfreeze the large volume of products that do not fit in a chamber oven, for example for Christmas turkey carcass.

  • Convector and lower heater. This mode is used for pizzas, bread and cakes. The main heat comes from the bottom, propekaya dough and hot air melts the cheese.
  • Convector lower heater and a grill. optimal conditions for the preparation of frozen products, including semi-finished products. This combination allows the heaters do not just bake the products, but also form on the surface of golden brown.
  • Turbo grill. In this mode, the convector, the upper heater and the grill. Used for cooking large pieces of meat, baking the crust on the products.
  • It should be clarified that all these modes except the first one, require cooking on only one level. If you install multiple trays, the effectiveness of combinations of drops in the oven.
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Dual convection

There are models in which the two convector set located one above the other. This design is found in the brass of Samsung cabinets, for example, Samsung BTS14D4T. Two fans distribute air more efficiently than one. If the models with one convector cakes at different levels may be obtained differently propechonnymi (middle tier blowing more intense, at least lower), then with two such problems do not arise. Each fan blows your level, so products are baked through at the same time.

It should be clarified that the oven with convection should acquire if the owner will regularly prepare at this time, as this feature greatly increases the cost of equipment.

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