Crafts Dough: master-class of creating step by step, the original designer jewelry (95 photos + video)

Modeling of dough - an exciting way to hanging out with the kids. Because they have not only the mold, but also prepared: can experiment with the flour mixture during measuring and mixing ingredients, and then watch the metamorphosis that occur with the finished product at temperature changes in the drying process.

In addition, fashioned from salt dough crafts harmless to children, they do not contain allergens and can be safely taste.

Figures made of homemade flour mixture firmer and better retained clay.

Content overview:

  • Basic dough recipe for modeling
  • Test Method
  • Drying crafts from salted dough
  • Modeling of salt dough: ideas and tips
  • Volumetric figures of animals
  • Photo crafts dough

Basic dough recipe for modeling

Before you make the dough for sculpting, you need to imagine what kind of products will be made whether to paint the dough, modeling how long it takes, a drying mode is selected.

Basic dough recipe diy consists of one part of salt, and two parts of wheat flour to which is added citric acid - 2 tsp.. to 1 cup and 1 tablespoon salt. l. vegetable oil. The amount of water added during kneading to be equal to the amount of salt.

Test Method

Manufacture test in the following order:

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  • Combine flour and salt, and citric acid and pour the mixture into the pan;
  • Put the pan on a moderate fire and stirring constantly slowly add water until the dough will not keep up with the pots and you can roll it into a ball
  • Remove from heat and knead the dough by hand.

Food color or gouache should be diluted in water, which is added to the dough.

In operation, depending on the desired consistency, salty flour mixture may be further diluted with water or an oil or flour to add hardness.

The dough is better to prepare for the possibility of small portions, just before molding, and store it only in a sealed container or food film.

Drying crafts from salted dough

To make crafts from salted dough, made with his own hands to keep its shape, did not break, or crack, it is necessary to select the right drying mode. You can simply leave their figures for natural drying in the air, you can put them in the oven.

For drying in the oven, there are two different methods. The first is to heat the oven, then turn it off and put a figure to a warm space. You can also bake the product at 100-degree mode, taking care to avoid overcooking.

Master-class on making handicrafts from the test involves primarily experimentation with the material: the test composition and drying mode, so failure in this process is inevitable.

Tip: Since it is necessary to set up molding their children so that the first success after a number of attempts is not entirely aesthetic, has become for them a real miracle.

Modeling of salt dough: ideas and tips

Root better with simple and uniform shapes, such as round beads of different colors and sizes. Of them can make a garland to decorate the room.

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You can then learn the more complex silhouettes - stars, hearts, and three-dimensional figures - Christmas snowflakes, Christmas trees, Easter eggs with ornaments, floor stands for eggs, chickens.

Can coincide with the production figures for the holidays, or choose a more neutral theme for all occasions, making souvenirs and gifts in the form of a stylized horseshoe, suns, stars, airplanes and funny muzzles.

During the modeling can be used special molds for molding and baking, and other things, prompted by his imagination: frog crush - to produce thin ropes of dough, lids from bottles - to cut circles, the plastic parts of toys - for prints, almost all is at hand from toothpicks to the wheels of toy cars, can be a tool for modeling dough.

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In the salty dough is easy to make holes, both decorative and for hanging on strings. Holes on flat figures retain their shape while drying.

But the manufacture of a three-dimensional parts, such as for example spherical beads to get the hole for the thread you need to pierce the figure of a toothpick or other sharp instrument made of wood or plastic and do not remove it until the product has dried.

Tip: For the bonding elements of the test need only to wet the individual sections and attach them to each other.

Of volume and plane figures can make garlands, key chains, medals and pendants. You can sculpt chests and cups for storage jewelry, small treasures and pencils.

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Volumetric figures of animals

Especially popular with children are the volume figures of animals, they can be made in accordance with the popular step by step instructions that are designed for clay and clay handicrafts.

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You can mold the dough without dyes, then already ready to paint and after drying figure cover it with lacquer.

It is also possible to cut various figures: they obtain a layout of the carton, apply it to the pre-dough is rolled out with a rolling pin, and gently smooth cut edges. You can then paint the figure, add the necessary texture - rough, strokes, make the eyes, nose or jewelry from beads.

Perfect gift made by your own hands can be a photo frame or a unique candle holder.

Production of panels that combine the mosaic elements, applications and modeling able to captivate both children and adults. For the little ones fit just figures: you must first draw a silhouette on the parchment, then carefully fill it with the test on the lines.

One can also conceive and carry out more complex ideas using beads, mosaics of cereals, dried flowers, etc.

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Photo crafts dough

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