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Well, if your pregnancy coincided with the summer period, when the gardens bring their fragrant fruit. Aromatic black currant in pregnancy - a real vitamin bomb, but not before attacking it, find, and if you can be?

For all the undoubted benefits of berries, it has some contraindications. Even if wonderful fruit is not got to your list of forbidden foods, eat it carefully, not to exceed the recommended doses.

Black currants in pregnancy

During pregnancy increases the body's need for vitamins and other nutrients. To make a full and balanced nutrition, use tips from e-books Secrets of Power for the mother >>>

In the meantime, let's understand with a question: can a black currant in pregnancy? Popular, affordable, many favorite berry grows on each plot. It contains almost the entire periodic table.

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The great advantage miracle berry is its ability to retain nutrients, including vitamin C, frozen and during heat treatment, and also in dried form. Healing properties have not only the benefits but also the leaves, stems, flowers, buds, which are actively used both in food and in medical and cosmetic purposes.

The use of black currant for future moms

Thanks to the incredible content of vitamins, macro and micronutrients benefits of black currant in pregnancy is not in doubt. Berry can help you with:

  • colds and inflammatory diseases of the respiratory system;
  • anemia;
  • high blood pressure;
  • edema;
  • kidney ailments;
  • atherosclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis;
  • cardiovascular anomalies;
  • skin diseases;
  • diabetes, obesity;
  • poisoning;
  • weakened immunity;
  • diarrhea;
  • high cholesterol;
  • general exhaustion and loss of strength.

Black currant promotes quality of brain activity, increasing mental efficiency. It prevents the development of depression, improve mood and overall emotional well-being of pregnant women. Used in case of problems with the gums and teeth, hair, nails, and for the prevention of oncological diseases.

Black currant with early pregnancy in a small amount is able to neutralize attacks toxicity due to its sour taste. For more information about how to cope with toxemia read the article: Nausea during pregnancy >>>.

In the absence of contraindications, black currants expectant mothers is recommended to eat no more than half a glass a day, or 20-30 berries.

What are the contraindications

Despite the large arsenal of nutrients valuable fruit, you know that there are some contraindications to-eat blackcurrant during pregnancy, such as:

  1. propensity to allergic reactions in general, not only on this berry;
  2. thrombophlebitis, varicose veins;
  3. inflated blood clotting;
  4. increased acidity, gastric ulcer and 12 porstnoy intestine;
  5. constipation (berry attaches).

Tea made from black currant leaves

Known rich variety of recipes blackcurrant. From it is prepared jam, fruit drinks, teas, herbal teas, jellies, and fresh berries are added to cereal, cottage cheese, tea (see the article on the topic: Herbal tea during pregnancy >>>).

Excellent tool Cough become blackcurrant leaves during pregnancy, prokipyachonnye in one liter of water and aged for about 20 minutes. The day can drink 2-3 glasses of healing tea that will alleviate the symptoms of incipient disease without the use of harmful chemicals. The beverage leaves exerts beneficial effects on the weight of the body:

  • overall strengthening;
  • reduction of inflammatory processes;
  • antipyretic and diuretic;
  • It removes toxins and waste products.

For information on how to deal with a cold during this important period in the life of a woman, read the article: Colds during pregnancy >>>.


On application of black currant leaves as well as on the fruits, contraindications are set forth above. Tea can be used not only inside, but also wipe their skin or make vitamin facials.

How to make tea?

Tea can be prepared both from berries, as well as from other parts of the bush. For example, basic recipes from fruits:

  1. pour boiling water 2 tbsp. l. currant, poured sugar: produced delicious drink perfectly tones, cheer, cheer up;
  2. mash with a fork 1 tablespoon. l. berries, place in a teapot with tea leaves, pour boiling water and let stand for 15 minutes, strain, add honey if desired and enjoy a healing tea.

To prepare a useful tea from black currant leaves during pregnancy, choose the young shoots, the more rich in vitamins (they have a light green color, and the old -tomno green). This drink can be drunk both independently and mixed with the usual tea, adding milk to your taste, honey (an article on the topic: Honey pregnancy >>>) or sugar.

Eat with pleasure black currants in any form and revitalizes itself and the baby, keeping the measure if there are no contraindications. It is best to eat a berry grown on their own plot. If this is not possible, buy the market, but before eating or blank for future use, rinse thoroughly and reassemble.

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