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June 8, 2015, PrimaMedia. The long-awaited summer, and a growing number of families in Vladivostok began to prefer outdoor recreation. If a picnic turned unplanned departure, it is not a reason to refuse to prepare the marinade, "with his own hands." The secrets of cooking the most delicious kebab with RIA PrimaMedia shared Chef Cafe "Anna" Suren Sarksian.

Picnic area has become a suburban cafe "Anna", in whose territory is located playground with a barbecue for the preparation of dishes and a terrace, allowing it to taste.

Cafe "Anna"

Cafe "Anna". Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

Let us turn to the natural step that can not be avoided, - the purchase of products. By the choice of meat need to approach responsibly, because it is the basis of the finished dish. We opted for the pork, as skewers of pork is widely recognized most delicious. If it is properly prepared, then the table will be fragrant, rosy and juicy meat.

According to professionals in their field, having behind him 12 years of culinary experience to a really delicious barbecue, it is important that the meat was not frozen, and chilled.

If, however, you chose a frozen version, then pay special attention to defrost - Defrost exclusively at +5. The slower it will thaw out, the better it will remain tasty and beneficial properties.

Chilled pork, suitable for all the characteristics we found in the supermarket chain "Fresh 25".

chilled meat

Chilled Meat. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

So, the choice of meat is successfully completed. Cook was pleased with the choice - pork ribs and neck.

By the way, the professionals do not advise to buy for barbecue ham or meat of the blade, otherwise you will overtake disappointment - the dish will turn out tough and dry.


Splitting. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

Getting started cutting. Be sure to first remove the skin, it is not useful to us.

remove the skin

Remove the skin. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

Cut the meat must be perpendicular to the grain into small pieces weighing approximately 100 grams each. It is an art - cubes must be neither too small nor too large, about 3-5 cm in width.

meat sliced

Sliced ​​meat. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia


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After cutting the meat to a lover of barbecue stands no less important question - how to prepare the marinade. Suren Sarksian noted that the marinade must be prepared with your own hands. If the time left a little, then rescue the recipe for a delicious marinade Express.

Secrets of cooking from chef

Cooking secrets from the chef. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

For the preparation we need salt, black and red (sweet) pepper and seasoning. Saren Surksyan uses seasoning brought from Armenia. According to him, citizens can instead use a special blend of barbecue, which is represented in any supermarket town.


Season with salt. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

We share the pieces and begin to sprinkle evenly with all the necessary ingredients.

- Many cooks do not add salt, of the opinion that the salt makes the meat tougher. But everything happens exactly the opposite - it opens the pores and better meat soaked, - told the chef.

add the spices

Add the spices. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

Then black, red pepper and seasoning.

Red peppers (sweet)

Red peppers (sweet). Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

Onions cut into half rings.

cut onion

Cut the onion. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

Pour water to the meat turned out juicy and mix thoroughly.

mix thoroughly

Mix thoroughly. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

To agitate it was convenient to use a large bowl. Plastic can take with you and nature.

With the pelvis even more convenient

even more convenient with the pelvis. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

- It should be a good stir the conscience to distribute the marinade evenly. After marinating shish kebab cover with plastic wrap and put them in a cool place for half an hour - said the chef.

Note that you can marinate the meat in front of the house as the exit (and it successfully configure themselves for the way), and do it in nature. As long as you "start" a fire, it will have time to brew.

Cover polieetilenom

Cover polieetilenom. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

While the meat is marinated, at our disposal have 30 minutes to prepare a fire. To do this we need the coal, lighter and oak wood, which burn longer than others. Ignite firewood and to burn itself out.



Preparation. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

Barbecue is almost ready. It's time to put the meat on the skewers. It turned out that this seemingly simple process has its own quirks.

We put on skewers

We put on skewers. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

Suren Sarksian noted that meat should be stretched like a metal, that no part of the cube is not hung by the fire. Luke a barbecue should not be, otherwise the meat will turn black.

important process

Important process. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

I, as a girl, the process was not easy. Men need the strength to pierce the flesh, and even considering that the margins should be close to the skewers.

Seeing my efforts, chef confirmed my thoughts, saying he loves barbecue man's hands.

Meat on a skewer

Meat on a skewer. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

According to Suren Sarksian if properly prepare the skewers, then all the previous steps can be canceled.

- The preparation of a delicious barbecue every detail is important - added Sarksian.

We spread the skewers on the grill and have patience. Aromas begin to drive crazy and ready skewers have to wait and wait.

Meat prepared for roasting

Meat ready for frying. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

In the process of roasting the meat must be periodically watered with plain water and carefully to make sure that there was no fire. Fever define palm. To increase the temperature, you can use any means at hand, such as newspapers.

The final stage

The final stage. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

Meat should be regularly turn to it evenly roasted from all sides. But do not do it too often, or else run the risk of it retain moisture.

While barbecue grills, Have time to take time, and vegetables. They will be a great addition to hot fragrant shish kebab.

Vegetables on the coals

Vegetables on the coals. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

- The easiest way to ensure the taste amazing dishes - roast vegetables on coal - said Suren Sarksian. - Moreover, being close, you can continue to monitor the meat.


Preparation. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

The chef said that

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barbecue is not very easy dozharit, especially if all eagerly waiting for the dish. It is better to take the time and appreciate his willingness to carefully inside.

Shish kebab is almost ready!

Skewer almost ready !. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

To do this, there is an easy and sure way - you need to make an incision side of meat, allows us to consider the entire area inside the cube.

check readiness

Check availability. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

- Skewer ready! - Happily verdict cook.

Cut vegetables, greens, lavash, and proceed to the tasting. Skewers can be decorated with a bow rings.

lay the table

Cover the table. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

And, of course, do not forget the tomato sauce.

Bon Appetit!

Bon Appetit!. Photo by: Alexander tricky RIA PrimaMedia

So, barbecue took about an hour and a half.

Bon Appetit!

Kebabs in rapid marinade à la Anna


Chilled Altaiskaya pork from "Fresh25" - 5 kg

Onions - 1 pc.

Salt - 100 g

Red bell pepper dry milled - 100 g

Seasoning for barbecue

mineral water

Vegetables for baking:

Tomato - 1 piece.

Bulgarian pepper - 1 pc.

Eggplant - 1 pc.

Cooking method:

Meat cleaned of skin and films, cut into pieces of approximately 100 g If necessary, chop bone ax. Sliced, chopped meat with salt and pepper. Cut the onion rings large, suppress your hands, mix with meat. Add seasoning. Pour mineral water. Good mix directly on the table or in a large basin. Fold in the bowl, cover with foil, put in a dark place for 30 minutes. Ignite firewood in the grill. Give them burn.

Half an hour later strung on a skewer marinated pieces, making sure that the pieces of meat are not fit tightly to each other and that they did not bow. Fry meat, turning every minute skewers for meat and splashing from time to time with mineral water.

After the barbecue is cooked, put the ashes in vegetables (whole, without peeling). After some time to turn. When the vegetables propekutsya, removed from the ash, cool slightly, gently peel, cut into narrow wedges, move. Serve with barbecue and greens.

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