Orange jam recipes with Agar Agar

Orange jam recipes with Agar Agar

on ingredients

Additional ingredients present lemon orange jam. It helps zheleobrazovaniyu and balances the taste of the workpiece. If we add to oranges grapefruit and lime jam acquire refined bitterness and thin, unlike the orange sweetness. Get interesting taste citrus jam, but as a basis - oranges, leave behind them the birthright let is called orange.

I tucked the orange marmalade agar and dark rum (you can replace liquor). Agar optional ingredient, as a gelling and oranges on their own. But since I use jam and tea, and as a baking ingredient, I need it guaranteed thick. And you do not like to smear jam on the bread, and the gain in the spoon.


About preparation technology

First we peel fruits and soak in water for a day to remove from their bitterness (alternative - blanching, but with a more modest result). Then pressed to the fruit add sugar and cook - quickly on high heat, then the natural pectin does not have time to break down. Tenderize, classic jams, do not we! And immediately will pour the hot jam on a pre-sterilized jars. "Hot" conditions and "right" are required if we want to jar stood for a long time.

The ratio of citrus and sugar, he borrowed the principle of calculation of the recommendations to the preparation of jams and preserves Pierre Hermé.

Preparation: 1.5 hours + 24 hours / Preparation: 30 minutes / Exit: 0, 75 g


  • 4 oranges
  • 1 grapefruit
  • 1 lemon
  • 2 small limes
  • sugar
  • water
  • 3 hours. The dark spoons Roma "Bacardi"
  • 1 h. l. If agara


How to cook orange marmalade

Preparation - the most difficult stage, only for the patient housewives

Thoroughly with a brush and detergent, wash fruit, then how should opoloskivaem. Subtly, without touching the white part, remove the potato peeler peel.

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cut into thin strips 2-3 cm long third of the peel of oranges.


The rest do not throw away the peel! Mix it with sugar and frozen for future use for future desserts.

Clear the fruits of the white part, is broken down into segments, to get rid of barriers and seeds.


Weigh peeled citrus zest, which we will use. Adding thereto an equal weight of water fruits. Close the lid and remove a day in a cool place, for example, on the balcony.



The next day, squeeze the fruit and weigh. Add the sugar, equal in weight pressed blank for jam (it took me 500 grams of sugar).

Orange water should not be poured, and fill with sugar, or cook homemade lemonade all the rules - do not doubt that it is perfectly quenches thirst.


We put on the fire, bring to a boil and cook over medium heat for 20-30 minutes. The time depends on the amount of jam. Several times stir.

For a couple of minutes before the end of cooking I added agar. This step is optional, but Agar can get a thick consistency of jam. If not agar, pectin or use zhelfiksom and do as instructed. And I'll tell you about Agar.

1 teaspoon with the top agar powder, pour a half cup of water and insist 5-10 minutes.


Then send agar on fire. We bring the mixture to boil and remove from heat, still stirring. Weight should be similar to the jelly, then we pour it into the pan with the blank and how to mix. Orange jam gelling agar occur during cooling.


At the end of pouring alcohol for flavor. We check on availability. Jam is ready when a drop on a saucer "wrinkling" when it "shifts" the nail. Be sure Dowar jam! Otherwise he moldy.

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Gently fill up the neck of the hot liquid in advance sterilized jars and sealed them. Turn over and wraps a blanket. We wait until the orange marmalade to cool down and send it in a cool place.



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